Sparks of Light is a combination of three different components. Stories about me and History in Harmony, a company I ran for 12 years, working with different groups from all over the world, around old and new European destinations, behind the old iron curtain and along the waterways of this fantastic continent. A journey that took its toll on many as we cleared some very old energies through our combined passions and choices of destination.

Then Melody Tours, a new venture that followed on, where I learned to listen for and dance to my own tune. Not that I did much dancing…. Many of you had to hold me up at airports and on buses as I finished the job History in Harmony began.

Now we have Sparks of Light which covers the lot. Whether you’re firing up a model steam train or channeling music for a mechanical organ, no matter if you’re still in a physical body or connecting from a higher dimension we can all claim to be a spark of light.

This website will somehow bring it all together as a series of short and funny stories along with itineraries for tours that will take place in the future as and when I get the inspiration.

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